Illustrations of Imaginative Literature:
The Korshak Collection

Masterpieces of American & European Science Fiction,
Adventure & Fantasy Illustrations


Long before the era of the Syfy© channel, Xbox video games and other high-tech graphic media, fans of science fiction and fantasy stories read novels and magazines illustrated by world renowned artists. In our Fall Exhibition, those alien landscapes, mystical creatures, and fantastical characters come alive. Featuring works by both American and European artists that span more than a century, the vivid and detailed illustrations animate totally imagined worlds, creatures, and adventures. The art was inspired by myths, fairy tales, novels such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and pulp magazines including Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, and Wonder Stories. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see this collection of the greatest fantasy masterpieces of our time.

The illustrations are from the private collection of Stephen Korshak, who has had a life-long love of art and literature. His father, Erle Korshak, founded Shasta Publishers, which specialized in science fiction books. Select illustrations from Shasta publications were displayed in the Korshak family home. The drawings inspired a sense of wonder and a passion for the genre in young Stephen. His collection reveals the evolution of fantasy illustration and traces the history of science fiction imagery from the pages of dime-store magazines to hardcover, library-quality books.

Explore the curious and unusual worlds of trolls, nymphs, and mermaids, plus cosmic warriors on alien planets; worlds where the only limit is our imagination!

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