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  • Director of External Affairs

    Director of External Affairs
    The SM&NC is seeking a proven leader for SM&NC brand management, strategic business development, and marketing communications activities to promote SM&NC programs, successful business development, and special events. Positon works closely with the Executive Director & CEO, department directors, and development team to brainstorm ideas, stimulate new business proposals, and secure key fundraising support through your team. Manage, support, and strategically guide your development team to achieve annual goal success. Serve as Liaison to Strategic Development & Marketing Committee of the Board of Directors.

    You will build and execute integrated, institutional marketing and development plans cross-departmentally for greatest success for the SM&NC. Primary goals are audience development, strategic business development with integrated marketing activities to align corporate brands and heighten the SM&NC profile, build audiences, and development revenue for the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. You will be a key leader in meetings and presentations to Board, Major Donors, and Business Affiliates. This position actively mentors and manages a full-time team of six.

    As a valued senior leader, you will work with your team to develop sound business development strategies that are well supported by your expert marketing and media relations strategies. Your team will be responsible to their annual goals established within the fiscal year budget with your strategic oversight. You will be responsible for rigorous, forward-thinking management that holds them accountable to doing their jobs successfully and hitting the strategic development and marketing goals for the fiscal year. You are driving a critical part of SM&NC financial and business success, as are other Cabinet Members. You will assess, evaluate, re-assign duties, release, and recruit for these positions, as necessary. Always represents the SM&NC in a professional, sensitive and discreet manner that honors confidentiality both within the SM&NC and outside the organization.

    Specialized Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications
    • Bachelor's degree in English, Communications, Marketing or related field
    • Three years experience in Media Relations & Marketing with keen understanding of non-profit business development. Expert in social media.
    • Strategic work on development programs, from annual appeal, membership and sponsorship to special events
    • Five years of experience in managing others
    • Ability to innovate and initiate
    • Working knowledge of social media outlets and tourism industries
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for media relations
    • Proven management and supervisory experience
    • Strong customer service skills
    • Knowledge of print communications programs and process critical.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Ability to define goals, meet urgent deadlines, organize and prioritize projects
    • Excellent computer skills including MS Office suite, Photoshop.
    • Working knowledge of MAC based graphic design programs
    • Proficient photographer (Nikon D40 camera provided)
    • Must have own vehicle and valid driver's license
    • Must be available to work evenings/weekends in support of SM&NC programs, meetings and events.
    • Must be able to pass annual physical & background check
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